Playlists for Productivity 4 - Neon

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Neon cityscape
Photo by Sean Foley from Unsplash

Happy Monday, folks! This past weekend I was looking through some pictures of neon urban scenes and was reminded of how much I love the whole cyberpunk aesthetic and its related sounds; it makes me want to watch Blade Runner all over again. If you like synthwave and electronic stores, you’ll probably enjoy the latest installment of Playlists for productivity.

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Track listing

  1. “Pretend It’s a Video Game” – Cliff Martinez
  2. “First Sleep” – Cliff Martinez
  3. “Painted Sun in Abstract” – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  4. “Welcome to Lunar Industries” – Clint Mansell
  5. “What If We Could?” – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  6. “The Journey” – Atticus Ross
  7. “One Blink for Yes” – Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein
  8. “1.0_3-fucksociety.mp3” – Mac Quayle
  9. “5 23” – Global Communication
  10. “Without” – Unfound
  11. “Monday - Paracetamol” – Ulrich Schnauss
  12. “Conversion” – Christian Bachmann
  13. “CRT Days (Droid Bishop Remix)” – Waveshaper, Droid Bishop
  14. “The Son of Flynn” – Daft Punk
  15. “Keep On” – LRKR
  16. “Gutterpiunk Kids” – Sami Matar
  17. “Blade Runner 2049” – Synthwave Goose
  18. “Paris” – Else
  19. “Bunsen Burner” – CUTS
  20. “Car Chase (Arp Worship)” – The Chemical Brothers